Zhaklina Rira



background info

I love my country, nature, and everything around me. I want to sketch to build an amazing place. I love the beauty which inspires me and is reflected through my eyes where yesterday was a sketch in my hands and today is in front of me. So I chose to build the impossible to please the eyes of the whole world by providing you with comfort and a high quality to make everyone feel at home. Architecture is just art we live in!

Architecture Services

Urban planning projects

The environment is our home and our living depends on how we design it. The regulation of space and the creation of a community then affect accommodation and population growth by revitalizing physical facilities in cities, counties, or metropolitan areas. This is all I try to do, I design to give a city life. The combination of Antiquity and modernity placed in urban planning based on social movement creating an ideal city.

Building and Interior Design

In the beginning, I could have lived in a smaller apartment but after I started my family the number of members increased and we needed a new apartment with a new design. This happens to all of us especially when our family grows. And I want my family to feel comfortable in a well-designed environment so I decided to bring this opportunity to other families as well. As I think interior design is the art and science of improving the interior of buildings to achieve a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment for our eyes.

Construction Business Development Plan by forecasting the revenue

As I was building my business what worried me the most was the part of the income I would invest and how much profit I would get afterward. I was often asked if I was investing properly? So I realized that when you are going to build a building, you always need a clear financial plan. And different experiences have enabled me to prepare plans regarding income forecasting so as not to risk too much anymore.

My Portofolio

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In the resource base, I try to plan and manage with technical tools, resource
guides, training, a network of national institutions, as well as working groups.
To develop land use plans and programs, consulting and construction of a
building, concentration of physical form, interior design, economic functions
and social impacts of the urban environment and the location of various
activities within it.