Zhaklina Rira

The skill of an architect is to achieve with a small budget a beautiful view and what the client requires. It starts with my

My Mission & Philosophy

“I’m here to present the first sales and marketing incubator in Albania. We are here to stay and define a new era of marketing that sells. The urgency to grow is real. Can’t wait to reach for the sky and scrape the blue in it with my team.”

About me

Zhaklina Rira

I don’t fit into most boxes. I’m a creative working in business development with some of the most people-focused roles in the industry—user research. As a manager and mentor, I love helping others grow and do their best work. On top of everything, to me 9-5 principle doesn’t exist, either as an employee or a leader.
Apart from the professional life, I’m a writer, painter, and mother. Much of my inspiration comes from my life experience — I tend to cover topics in professional and personal development and share learnings I think will be helpful for others. Beyond that, I’m probably spending time with family and friends, strolling, or tinkering on my next side project. An experienced manager, mentor, and researcher in the fields of architecture, marketing, law, business, training and economy.

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